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Funding Opportunity for Startups: Apply Now for SBRI Healthy Ageing Ventures


Apply now for up to £100k in funding to develop solutions for an ageing society. Learn more about SBRI Healthy Ageing Ventures and how to apply on

Sponsoring Agency: SBRI

Type of Fund: General

Deadline: 15 September, 2022 Passed (This competition is now closed.)

Here’s what you need to know:

Are you a UK startup working on solutions for an ageing society? If so, you may be eligible for up to £100k in funding through SBRI Healthy Ageing Ventures. This funding is available for businesses in their early stages of development, and can help you accelerate your innovation and bring your ideas to market.

To apply for SBRI Healthy Ageing Ventures funding, visit our website at to learn more about the program and the application process. Our team of experts can guide you through the application and help you prepare a winning proposal.

In addition to funding, SBRI Healthy Ageing Ventures offers valuable support and resources to help your startup succeed. This includes access to mentors and advisors, networking opportunities, and connections to other funding sources and investors.

At, we’re dedicated to helping startups like yours thrive. Visit our website today to learn more about funding opportunities, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the UK and beyond.

SBRI is focused on fueling innovation in the health sector. SBRI invested in finding solutions to one of the United Kingdom’s biggest healthcare challenges -zero net carbon emissions by 2030.

All proposed innovations must take into account the supply chain and full product life-cycle, as well as their environmental impact.

Projects under our SBRI Healthcare programme will help develop technology-enabled solutions with sustainability at their heart.

Uber connects drivers with people who need rides, and it reduces emissions from car miles by taking advantage of underutilized vehicles.

Advances in surgical technology are reducing emissions as they make headway in eradicating infections. We recommend that our staff use the most up-to-date equipment available to accomplish their jobs.

Using Synthane

The SBRI supports low-carbon decision making.

Healthcare competitions are open to all companies that can commit to delivering a product. The SBRI Healthcare scheme is perfect for smaller, more nimble businesses, as the contracts operate on short timeframes. The funding for all developments is 100% guaranteed and focused on providing solutions for specific needs.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be appointed CEO of SBRI Healthy Ageing Social Ventures, you must meet the following requirements:

Anyone can build an organization of any size, no matter what their strengths may be.

Exist to provide benefits to society.

Reducing greenhouses gases in the atmosphere
Editor’s note: Some sentences were changed to improve readability.

You don’t have to be a big company to use Quoter. In fact, we really encourage small businesses to get in touch with us.

We exist to provide benefits to society

Reduce Nitrogen Oxide emissions


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