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Apply for the Co-operative Research Programme


The Co-operative Research Programme (CRP)’s call for applications for funding international conferences (such as workshops, congresses, and symposia) and research fellowships grants in 2023 is open.

Interested persons should apply for this research grant before the deadline.

Sponsoring Agency: OECD

Type of Fund: Research

Deadline: September 10, 2022


What you must know:

Applications relevant to the work of the OECD Committee for Agriculture and other bodies are particularly welcome:

  • Sustainable productivity growth and food security and nutrition;
  • New technologies and practices for food production; Food loss and waste;
  • Antimicrobial resistance; One Health approach to agriculture and food systems;
  • Innovations in the transfer and development of agricultural knowledge, including Indigenous and traditional knowledge
  • Digital technologies and digitalisation;
  • Climate change, including pathways to net zero, carbon sequestration in agriculture, forestry and land use, and water use;
  • Plant and animal breeding to enhance sustainable productivity growth and resilience to climatic events; Diversity of crop production;
  • Fisheries and aquaculture productivity, sustainability, and resilience.

Eligibility Criteria

What applicants should keep in mind:

  • Applicants should have 4 years of postdoctoral training. The programme is not targeted at Ph.D. students. In exceptional circumstances, consideration will be given to applicants who, although not having a Ph.D., have the equivalent expertise and have been extensively published. For all applications, priority is given to the overall scientific quality of each application considering its relevance to the Programme’s Research Themes and the Programme’s multi-disciplinary focus.
  • Applicants should have a contract with their present employer that ensures their continued employment after completion of the fellowship. If the contract is less than 3 years, applicants are requested to ask their institution to certify that there will be a continued ongoing scientific affiliation with the host laboratory once the fellowship ends, as this ensures that the relationships established
    during the fellowship are put to beneficial use.
  • Before submitting an application, candidates should have their employer’s agreement to the application and to the take up of the fellowship should they be successful.
  • A candidate who has already been the recipient of a CRP fellowship may apply for a second award, but only 5 years after the year of their first fellowship.
  • Scientists already holding a position in a foreign laboratory are not eligible to apply to remain in that laboratory.
  • Applications are invited from research scientists working in agriculture, forestry, or fisheries and who would like to conduct research projects abroad, in another member country of the Co-operative Research Programme. The aim of the Research Fellowships is to strengthen the international exchange of ideas and increase international mobility and cooperation among scientists working in these areas.

For more information, visit here.


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