Apply for the Global Citizen Prize which is organized by Cisco and Global Citizen. If you are 18 or above, and is seeking a grant, this opportunity is for you! Check out the Eligibility Criteria for more information.

Sponsoring Agency: Global Citizen

Type of Fund: Award

Deadline: January 30, 2022


The Global Citizen Prize: Cisco Youth Leadership Award was established by Cisco and Global Citizen to recognize and lift up a young person positively impacting the world, as a way to demonstrate the impact that young people are having on achieving the Global Goals, and to accelerate global problem-solving.

Eligibility Criteria

Cisco Youth Leadership Award honors an individual aged 18-30 who has contributed meaningfully towards the goal of ending extreme poverty.

Funding Information

The award includes a $250,000 prize paid to the organization to which the individual contributes.

For more information, visit here.