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Apply for The Mapping Inequities Fellowship


Apply for the US Fellowship Program which consists of two and a half week virtual workshop. If you are seeking a similar opportunity, you can apply for this fellowship.

Check the Eligibility Criteria and other Details for more information about this fellowship.

Sponsoring Agency: Humanity In Action 

Type of Fund: Fellowship

Deadline: February 13, 2022


The US Fellowship program will consist of a two and half week virtual workshop. A group of 20 American and European Fellows and Senior Fellows will embark on a collaborative investigation and interpretation of spatial data within their respective geographies to illuminate pressing social inequities. These investigations will result in projects that will form an accessible digital exhibition for the public.

Eligibility Criteria

Find out who is eligible:

  • Applicants do not need experience with data collection, analysis, mapping, or visualization. However, applicants should have a keen interest in learning how to tell impactful visual stories with data. While there are no costs associated with this Fellowship, if a Fellow needs financial support to enable virtual participation, Humanity in Action will consider such need. Fellows should be in touch with the Humanity in Action staff after acceptance into the program.
  • Senior Fellows with an interest in this topic and joining a new, experimental program are welcome and encouraged to apply.

More Information 

Participants will:

  1.  Explore theories and histories of public and private property rights as well as cultural rights (rites) in the United States and European countries. The focus will be on post-industrial cities and particularly Detroit;
  2.  Understand how individuals and groups employ maps and data to oppress as well as to resist and protest inequities;
  3.  Learn the basics and various of techniques of mapping, data visualization, and multimedia storytelling;
  4.  Create their own maps and data visualizations to reveal hidden stories, overturn harmful dominant narratives, and provoke change at a neighborhood, city, state, or country level.

For more information, visit here.


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