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Foundation For Choral Music in Manitoba is Providing Support throughout the Province


Foundation for Choral Music in Manitoba exists to assist choirs throughout the province in their special projects.

Sponsoring Agency: Foundation for Choral Music in Manitoba

Type of Fund: Fund

Deadline: 01/01/2022 (January 01, 2022)


FCMM Choirs have received assistance to bring in experienced professionals for workshops and performances and for commissioning new works. Individuals have received assistance in their pursuit to become more qualified choral educators and directors. New initiatives have been successfully staged; and special choral events have breathed new life into our choirs all over.

Half of the million-dollar gift is in the care of The Winnipeg Foundation, and the other half is invested. The proceeds from these two sources (currently at the rate of about five percent) produce the revenue for FCMM to provide grants to the choral community in Manitoba.

Contributions to expand the resources of the FCMM would increase its effectiveness in assisting more of the nearly 1000 choirs in the Province of Manitoba. Individuals, groups and corporations are invited to seriously consider making further contributions to expand the possibilities for choirs to realize their program dreams.


  • To encourage and promote choral events and activities for choristers of all ages.
  • To provide opportunities for professional development of conductors.
  • To foster choral music education at all levels of study.
  • To provide incentives for research and study of choral literature and performance practices.
  • To encourage the creation of new choral works.
  • To promote new initiatives in the choral arts.
  • To provide opportunities for training in choral arts administration.
  • To advance the improvement of choral performance facilities.
  • To seek further donors to the Foundation.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Individuals, unorganized groups, and/or organizations that do not have a registered charitable number with Canada Revenue Agency must make their grant application with the support of an organization with a registered charitable number. Additional documentation required is available from the FCMM Program Administrator prior to preparing the application.
  • Must be a Canadian citizen, or satisfy the requirements for a Canadian resident.
  • Applicants are required to be members of the Manitoba Choral Association.

For more information, visit Foundation For Choral Music In Manitoba.


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