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Grofin SME loans, Grofin SGB Fund for Startups to Support Small and Growing Businesses in Africa


Grofin SME loans, Grofin SGB Fund for Startups to Support Small and Growing Businesses in Africa is a great opportunity for small business owners and startups who are wiling to start their venture in Grofin supported business sector ie EducationHealthcareAgri-ProcessingManufacturing, or Key Services (Energy/ Waste / Water / Recycling) with an aims to positively  impacts the lives of peoples in Africa.

Grofin SGB Fund is a specialist in, which is impact-driven SME financier. They help entrepreneurs succeed by providing them with business loans and business support (expert advice and continuous guidance) to grow their businesses. GroFin support beyond finance & Grofin SGB Fund believe that a growing SME sector which creates sustainable jobs is the most powerful driver of social and economic development that truly improves people’s lives.

Headquartered in Mauritius, GroFin offer financing and support to SMEs in 14 countries in Africa and the Middle East. GroFin is supported by 34 international financial institutions, development organizations and private funders who have committed nearly $540 million in capital to Grofin SGB Fund,


Grofin SGB Fund Eligibility

  • Your SME or growing business operates in a country where GroFin has an office:
    South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan or Oman.
  • Your business is in one of GroFin’s  preferred sectors: EducationHealthcareAgri-ProcessingManufacturing, or Key Services (Energy/ Waste / Water / Recycling)
  • Your business is making a positive social and economic impact: e.g. creating jobs, empowering women, benefiting the environment, etc.

For more information and to apply please see at:


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