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Mentorship Award by the Spencer Foundation (2021-2022)


Apply for the Mentorship Award hosted by the Spencer Foundation, and use this opportunity to win grants worth $15,000. Interested candidates can check the Eligibility Criteria for more information.

Sponsoring Agency: Spencer Foundation

Type of Fund: Award

Deadline: January 25, 2022

At Spencer, it is dedicated to the belief that high-quality research training and mentoring is a cornerstone of the field and worthy of recognition. As such, it is excited to announce the call for nominations to the Spencer Mentor Award, a grant intended to support the ongoing mentorship of the awardees.

It sees mentorship as critical to our goals of supporting and broadening access to rigorous, high-quality education research training. It recognizes that mentorship comes in many forms and encourages nominations that make explicit and value the full range of these possibilities.

Through this award, it hopes to give added recognition to the importance of mentoring and acknowledge mentors who have enriched the lives, research, and careers of students and colleagues, and in doing so, improved the field.

Eligibility Criteria

Nominators will be the following:

  • The person submitting the nomination should be familiar with the mentor’s field of work and their contribution to research training and mentorship in their field (i.e., a current or former student, advisee, postdoctoral fellow, colleague, department chair, dean, or others familiar with the nominee’s work and mentorship).
  • The person submitting the nomination may not nominate more than one person per deadline.
  • Nominations may not be submitted by members of the mentor’s immediate family.
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Nominees will be the following:

  • Mentors that are nominated are expected to work in and contribute to the field of education research and have a strong history of mentorship.
  • Mentors must be affiliated with a university or non-profit research organization that will act as the administering organization if the mentor is chosen to receive the $15,000 grant award.
  • Mentors may not be nominated more than once per deadline. The person submitting the nomination should inform the mentor so that nominations can be coordinated if necessary.

Funding Information

This award will provide $15,000 grants to awardees who have demonstrated extraordinary contributions to supporting the research training and career trajectories of graduate students and junior scholars who engage in education research, broadly construed.

For more information, visit here.


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