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Participate in the Global Water Awards (2022)


If you are a company seeking grant to grow your business, you can participate in the Global Water Awards this year. Check other Details and the Eligibility Criteria for more information apply before the deadline.

Sponsoring Agency: Dupont Water Solutions 

Type of Fund: Award

Deadline: February 21, 2022


Nominations for the Global Water Awards open on December 16th 2022. Nominations are open to everyone. Anyone (as an individual or on behalf of a company) can nominate a company, project, plant, technology, deal or initiative to be recognized by the Global Water Awards. Individuals can submit nominations for themselves or others.

Individuals can nominate in as many categories as they want, and nominate multiple times in each category. All nominee applications are made on a confidential basis.

  • Nominations can only be submitted via the awards nomination forms (visit the ‘Nominations Hub‘). Do not submit nominations via email, they will not be acknowledged.
  • Nominations must be submitted in English. It cannot consider non-English language nominations.
  • A 200-word summary description must be submitted with each nomination. This must include specific and quantifiable information that will allow evaluating your nomination against others. Please summarise what is unique or special about this entry, and why you believe it should be considered for a Global Water Award. Nominations that do not include a summary or do not fulfill the terms above will not be considered.
  • When submitting supplementary material (photos, pdfs, maps, etc.) via email, please include the name of the category you are nominating, in the email subject line.
  • Do not nominate the same plant/project/company multiple times in the same category, this will not increase your chances of being included on the shortlist. This is a nominations process, not a voting process. Please coordinate with your co-workers to submit one nomination per plant/project/company per categoryNominating two different projects/plants in the same category, or nominating different projects/plants in different categories is welcome.

Eligibility Criteria

Entering a nomination for the Global Water Awards 2022: criteria and guidelines

Criteria for nominations (For all categories except The Water Leaders Award) –

  1. The company, project, or initiative must be able to demonstrate a significant contribution to the water industry. Specific factors to highlight are improved operations and energy efficiency, technological innovation, and the implementation of sustainable financial models.
  2. The outcomes of the project or initiative must have been reported in 2021.

Guidelines for sending nominations –

  • Nominated Company/Project/Deal:
  • Lead company name (when nominating a project/initiative/plant):
  • Contact name:
  • Contact telephone number (please include country dialing code):
  • Contact email address:
  • Please summarize, in no more than 200 words, what is unique or special about this entry, and why you believe it should be considered for a Global Water Award. Supplementary material (photos, pdfs, maps, etc).

If you find yourself eligible you must apply for this award.

For more information, visit here.


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