Soya Sauce Production Project Report and Business Plan

KVIC- REGP-Gramodyog Rojgar Yojana                                                            Project Profile on Soya Sauce                                                         Introduction Soya bean is a leguminous crop and is rich in proteins. Many value-added products are made from it like milk, panner, cheese and sauce.Soya products are increasingly becoming popular especially amongst health-conscious people. Soya sauce is used as a taste enhancer as … Read more

Organic Food Processing Business Idea Project Report

ORGANIC FOOD  Organic Food Processing Business Idea Project Report Organic agriculture farming is the now becoming a regular farming business as with many people becoming health conscious and wants to relish the real value of agriculture goods which contains all its nutrients intact and is chemical free as well. The sample project proposal is line … Read more

11 Things To Know Before Starting A Business

Starting your business, check out things to know before you head on. The fact is that many startup die in the first three years and some of them die by the wayside in the first six months. It is not because their idea was not good enough but there were things that were not considered … Read more