Business Retreats for Entrepreneurs: Learn about these Great Business Retreats in 2022


Business Retreats for Entrepreneurs

Looking for information regarding business retreats for entrepreneurs? Do not look anywhere else? Your destination have arrived!

You must be thinking, what is a business retreat? Well, let me tell you, a business retreat is a time for team-building, reflection and focusing on the people and how they can work together to accomplish their goals.

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In this following article, we will discuss some top business retreats for entrepreneurs in 2022-2023. Without any further ado, let’s begin!

Top Business Retreats for Entrepreneurs

For professionals in all areas, retreats are one of the most essential way to catalyze change and supercharge progress and adventuring into new places with a group helps a lot.

All these programs ensure that high performance entrepreneurs meet their peers and build one another during the process. It helps people move forward, rather than becoming stagnant thanks to all the daily activities.

For all the above reasons and more, business retreats for entrepreneurs is on the rise. There are a number of companies in the space offering their own share on this idea.

You will find some are really good, and some are not that good. That is to be expected, but remember that, with the time commitment and cost that come with these, you would desire to know more about a retreat and whether it will be worth it before buying the tickets or not.

Now that you have an idea of the basics, let us get into what happens on the business entrepreneur retreats? Who are the big players? What do they offer that no one else does?

1. EPX Business Retreats for Entrepreneurs

The cost for membership will be around $1,000 a year, plus thousands per experience.

Only high performance people can be attendees to EPX, and the main focus will be on adventure.

  • It is to note that, EPX provides its members with group adventures that are aimed at getting people rapidly develop.

As a networking group, it focus to unite all kinds of thought leaders, athletes, and even former astronauts in energetic, highly exciting settings. This simply means a lot of travel, but also intense programming.

The growing obsession with rapid growth through their retreats is a major part of what makes the positive energy at EPX contagious.

2. EO Annual Retreats for Entrepreneurs

The cost membership and accommodations will be around $2470 per year.

EO members can be the attendees, and the main focus of will be celebration.

It is to note that Entrepreneurs’ Organization (or EO) is one of the largest groups for self-starters. Their San Diego annual retreat is a big event for their members.

Their retreat mainly focuses on bringing together people for a hybrid experience of networking, and professional development.

EO is no doubt a fairly exclusive group, requiring members to start businesses that make around $1 million a year. This can bring the overall purpose of the group out of alignment with many people’s vision of success and growth.

Their understanding of the importance of retreats as a place to forge bonds shows why they are such a valuable resource for entrepreneurs.

3. Experience House Business Retreats for Entrepreneurs

The cost for membership will be $7,000.

Only experience designers can be a type of attendee in Experience, and the main focus will be professional development.

  • The Experience House sets itself apart by focusing on those entrepreneurs who bring other people relevant experiences, rather than material things.

As the attendees of Experience House are all community builders and experience designers, this kind of immersive adventure is the perfect way to learn about them.

Do note that, each retreat has a roster of 30 members, and they stay for 30 days, making it a particularly large entrepreneur retreat, both in number of people and time.

The success they have had navigating comes down to great locations and specific attention to detail.

4. Hatch Tribe Business Retreats for Entrepreneurs

The cost for membership, plus accommodation will be around $1,500.

Types of Attendees will be women entrepreneurs and business owners, and the focus area will be empowerment.

Do note that, Hatch Tribe is a part of growing wave of only women entrepreneurs. This will give women a chance to grow their connections and thrive in curated retreats.

It strives to take a more balanced approach to membership than some of the other options out there, with plenty of solopreneurs and start-up mavens alongside more established achievers.

Being women-only, it is not for everyone, but this business retreat for entrepreneurs serves a need that up until now has been unmet.

Please note that, the Hatch Tribe retreats go well beyond professional development, making sure to pack plenty of enriching experiences.

5. Paragon by Modern Adventure Business Retreats for Entrepreneurs

The cost for membership will be about $65,000.

Types of attendees will be the elite, and the major focus will be on Epicureanism.

Each retreat is curated by a specific designer who blends culture, food, accommodations, and wellness into a single package.

The result will be community building and expanded horizons, with a focus on the positive side of human life.

The price tag reflects the stellar level of experience you will get, but it is essential to remember that money is not everything.

6. Be a Member of Summit Series

The cost for membership will be around $3,000 to $5,500.

Only high achievers can be a part of Summit Series, and the major focus will be on learning.

Do note that, the Summit Series is a highly curated group of makers and doers from around the world.

The membership is made up of scientists, athletes, academics, entrepreneurs, and more. It’s all kinds of people who make big contributions and want to link up with like-minded people. This selection process ensures that the attendees are well qualified while also being in line with the greater set of principles.

Good news is that their retreats include visits to a Utah ski resort, a Palm Springs getaway, and a massive cruise. This program is a mixture of health and wellness, new thinking, and professional development, and some fun.

7. The Big Possible Business Retreats for Entrepreneurs

The cost for membership will be around $5,000.

Type of attendee will be creatives and leaders, and the primary focus will be community building.

  • What sets the Big Possible retreats apart from any other is the holistic view of forming real connection between people.

While professional development, amazing food, and stunning locale are all part of the package, the biggest impact in your life will always be the connections you make.

That is the reason why these retreats take an in-depth approach to the alchemy of building groups.

The end result will be a diverse group of people in meaningful dialogue, pursuing our curiosity in a luxury setting where you will be safe to explore and dream big.

So, this was our article on business retreats for entrepreneurs. If you found our article informative, make sure to comment down below and share it with your fellows who are also looking for such retreats.

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