Startup Incubators in Bangalore, India.

Startup Incubators in India

Bangalore is chosen above all places in India for startups as it’s now the startup capital of India. The question arises that why only Bangalore is chosen as an incubating city for startups? It is because there are few advantages over other cities in Bangalore like rent cost is low as compared to other big cities in India. Hiring talent is cheap as compared to global market and availability of incubators in the city is most important aspect of the city. This makes your efforts for fundraising easier and you have very conducive environment for incubating your startup.

For entrepreneurs looking for support, you might consider the below options.

S No.

Company Name Description Website to apply
1. Oracle Cloud Startup Accelerator Oracle is focused on cloud based solutions
2. K-Start K-Start is a seed funding program started by Kalaari Capital which provides sees funding along with mentor-ship for startups.
3. T-Labs T-Labs are funded by Times Internet a behemoth from the stable of the Bennett, Coleman and Company Limited.
4. 91 springboard They offer co-working spaces while also serving as an Incubator. It is part of the 10,000 startups program supported by the Government of Karnataka located in Koramangla.
5. NUMA Bangalore The French based startup opened its first branch in Bangalore. India by entering into a partnership with Cobalt Co-Working Spaces.


6. 10,000 startups 10,000 startups is an incubation program funded by NASSCOM, the premier association of IT companies in India. It operated through a large startup warehouse in Diamond District off HAL Airport Road. Startups have to apply for this program and are screened before being admitted.
7. Microsoft ventures accelerators  

One of the top startup Accelerators in the country, startups from all across India with each other to get selected.


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