Step by step guide on how to become a blogger in India


Step by step guide on how to become a blogger in India

Step by step guide on how to become a blogger in India. I would like to dedicate this post to people who don’t own a college degree and are desperate to manifest a solution for their dilemma which is to say that how to become financially independent without the need to invest too much money. For those of you the good news is here,  you become a blogger as you don’t need to own a college degree to start blogging neither you need a bank loan, that is why blogging in India is becoming a passionate profession and by far many aspirants are now interested in blogging. The best thing about blogging is that you have freedom to be your own boss while you also create money at the same time. You could choose to work from any place and any time, even you could choose blogging as a part time career. The catch is to choose the right niche for your website, this way you get to earn a lot of money. Isn’t it awesome, but before quitting your job first learn skills about blogging, as earning from a blog site will take some time. And once you have a website running & earning for you, only then go full time. Here we are giving you step by step process on how to become a blogger in India. The process of earning starts with monetizing your blogs, either you have a blog that is directly monetized as you are selling goods or services on commission basis and your website is directly affiliated from companies like Amazon etc. or you earn through display of private advertisements displayed at your website, with each click on the advertisement you get paid a small amount. But first thing first, that is to get started, here you go with the step by step guide on how to become a blogger in India.

Step by step guide on how to become a blogger in India

Step1: Start by learning

It is not totally crucial that you should be a computer wizard with great mind to start blogging but if you have a modest common sense you could learn. Same is the ability to learn and evolve will take you a long way in blogging. Search engines are oceans of information, so if you need to learn something, and then go check it out on the search engines you will find a million piece of information on one topic. Below I am giving out few simple tips to start of your learning process and kick start your journey. Looking for answers is the first step.

  • You don’t have to be precisely a great writer but you need to have writing skills.
  • You should have a spark to learn new skills.
  • Develop Search engine optimization skills.
  • Develop Social Marketing Skill.
  • Develop content editing skills.
  • Learn about Web analytics.

Step2: Choosing a topic or a Niche for your blog site

Choose a topic for a website that you are good at, that really goes well with your previous profession or a hobby that you are good at, this will give you an advantage and in the long run you will develop a good authority website. For example you are good at plumbing or gardening or you have good knowledge about Smartphone or apps, start first blog site that you already possess knowledge about. Another way of topic selection is niche selection where you target on specific area and readership like you must have seen websites on self-help, growth & improvements, relationships, health tips etc. This again will help you in creating content for your website. After the selection of the subject it’s time to choose a domain name. Another way to choose a niche is to use tools like moz, long tail pro and etc. but for such tools you have to pay price and learn the tool as well its better you start with your instinctual thinking and then use these tools at a later stage of your career.

Step 3: Choose an appropriate domain name

Although it is very difficult to get the exact match for your topic but still you could try. Think of your topic and work around a domain name by adding a few words before and after. You could also try online website name creators that create exciting and interesting domain names. Be wise and patient new bloggers try to either be too precise or they go totally off the topic while choosing the domain name. My suggestion would be to be balanced in your thinking while choosing a domain name. I would like to suggest you that short and attractive name always work.

Step 4: Writing content and regular posting.

Be as unique as possible, create your own style of writing, content is your voice that connects you and user. Your own writing style will develop authenticity for your website. Copy paste write-ups are not a good idea for your content. Another thing about developing content is to update on a regular basis, one post per 2 days is what I suggest for the new bloggers. Regularity and search engine optimization goes hand in hand. Make a schedule post if you are busy.  Content is everything and which will make you stand out in the long run.

Step 5: Quality management

Initially you will not be in a position to hire professional content writers but if you are doing it on your own then you should keep a tab on the quality of the content. You want to develop readership, right. Write in easy language and elaborate your content so that your readers have all the information that they are looking for. The only thing that will put you among the top bloggers will be your content. Be authentic and don’t lose your style. Use screen shots, tables, videos and graphics in your posts to explain your topic, readers will just love it.

Step by step guide on how to become a blogger in India

Step6: Showcasing your content

There are various platforms like Facebook, twitter, Google plus and Web 2.0. Promote your websites through these media. There a huge chunk of visitors that could be attracted via social media. With social media you could reach out many more people.

Step 7: Evolve with SEO

Search Engine Optimization plays an important role to make your site worthy for earning money. Primary role of SEO is to make your website easy for the users and search robots to understand. In simple words develop your site that is easily detected and understood by search robots.   Make SEO as strong as possible with experience and working yourself you will learn a lot about SEO programming, both On-page and Off-page is important which will make your portal to standout.

(Learn SEO)

Step8: The process of monitization

To earn from your website you have to apply for Google Adsense or any other Adsense company. For registering with Google Adsense I would suggest that you should wait for a while, first have altelast 20000 words content and significant visitors on your site, it will increase your chance that you get the Google Adsense registration. After verification from the Google side you will get an adense account. Use the code in your site to display adds on your post. Also read Google Adsense policy online. It takes somewhere around 6 months to a year, when your site will start to earn a decent amount.

Step by step guide on how to become a blogger in India

Step 9: Useful tools to use

Further on your journey you will require understanding the demographics, behaviors and interest of your website visitors to improve your online marketing. You could do this by using Google Analytics and Google Webmasters, these are free tools, and they get you all the information with analysis. There are other premium tools available in the market but initially it’s best to start with the Google.

Blogging is such an interesting field in itself that you will never get bored doing it, there will always be new challenges to overcome, new tactics to learn and new blogs to be launched. Hope you enjoyed the post and all the information on how to become a blogger in India.


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