Best 50 Summer Business Ideas in 2024

Summer Business Ideas
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“Are you considering starting a business that’s perfect for the summer season? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve conducted extensive research and curated a list of top summer businesses that can be launched with minimal upfront costs.

Summer is an ideal time for those looking to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. The longer days provide ample opportunity to get a lot of work done, and people tend to spend more time outdoors during the warmer months.

The summer season sees a surge in businesses related to food and drink, music and tourism, sports, and entertainment.

Here’s a compilation of 50 Summer Business Ideas with a low cost of investment:

1. Aquarium Maintenance

Ornamental fishes are some of the most beautiful pets in the world. Aquariums are used for various interior design purposes. Starting an aquarium maintenance service from home can be a profitable summer business.

2. Car Detailing

Consider launching an auto detailing business to earn extra income during the summer. This home-based business doesn’t require significant upfront investment. Online marketing can help you reach local customers.

3. Babysitting

With many people being busy during the summer, starting a babysitting service at home can be in high demand. It’s essential to provide quality care, and this business requires dedication and planning.

4. Bathroom Reglazing

Bathtub refinishing is an evergreen industry. Effective local advertising can bring a steady stream of customers looking for this service.

5. Beauty Salon

The beauty salon is a thriving business in the healthcare and beauty sector. You can choose to start your own salon or consider franchising a well-known brand.

6. Beekeeping

Beekeeping is not only about honey production but also plays a crucial role in pollination. It can be a part-time venture, especially suitable for female entrepreneurs.

7. Boat Cleaning

Starting a boat cleaning business requires minimal equipment. Focus on coastal and beach areas or locations with water sports activities for the best results.

8. Boat Rental

Boat rental businesses, often located in tourist areas, provide water-based amusements. Adequate startup capital, a sound marketing plan, and advertising are crucial.

9. Bookkeeping

Small businesses are increasingly hiring bookkeepers as opposed to permanent employees. If you have the expertise, consider starting an online bookkeeping business from home.

10. Carpet Cleaning

For a small-scale cleaning business, consider starting a carpet cleaning service. People look to clean their carpets after a long winter, making summer an ideal time to begin.

11. Car Rental

Renting cars can be profitable in metropolitan areas, especially in cities with a high population density.

12. Cookie Business

If you love making cookies, this could be an excellent no-capital investment summer business, perfect for homemakers and part-time entrepreneurs.

13. Personalized T-Shirt Printing

Starting an online custom clothing business is achievable with a simple eCommerce store, attracting customers looking for personalized items.

14. eBay Selling

eBay offers a vast international marketplace. You can sell items from home and make money with just a computer and an internet connection.

15. Book Writing

Consider writing ebooks as a part of an online summer business. Various websites offer freelancing opportunities for ebook authors.

16. Ecotourism

Ecotourism is a rapidly growing industry. Consider becoming an ecotourism tour guide and offer customers a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

17. Errand Service

Errand services can thrive in metropolitan areas, offering various services such as grocery shopping, gift shopping, and more.

18. Face Painting

Start a face painting business during the summer months. You can offer this service both online and in person.

19. Fishing Guide

If you’re knowledgeable about fishing, consider offering fishing tips to customers. Make sure there’s demand in your local market before starting.

20. Florist or Flower Shop

Starting an online flower shop or a brick-and-mortar shop can be profitable, but proper storage and management are essential.

21. Frozen Yogurt Selling

Consider selling frozen yogurt in malls, shopping centers, or on the roadside, depending on your location.

22. Fruit Juice Making

The fruit juice market, especially during the summer, is part of the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. You can capitalize on the demand for items like mango juice, orange juice, and more.

23. Gift Basket Business

If you enjoy creating things, you can turn your hobby into a profitable gift basket business.

24. Home Appliance Rental

Renting essential home appliances is popular among people who want to avoid upfront costs or the hassle of moving appliances.

25. Home-Based Garment Business

Running a garment business from home can be a lucrative option for those with family obligations and the need to make extra money.

26. House Cleaning

Starting a house cleaning business requires minimal investment and can be marketed in various ways.

27. House Painting

Summer is the prime time for home painting and renovation. Starting this business requires knowledge of colors and physical effort.

28. Ice Cream Making

Starting a small-scale ice cream manufacturing business with a small investment can be profitable with proper planning and distribution.

29. Ice Cream Store

Consider opening a small ice cream shop or becoming a franchisee of a well-known brand. Offer other items along with ice cream to attract a wider customer base.

30. Jam and Jelly Production

Jam and jelly are essential items in the food and FMCG industry. You can expand your product line and reach customers through various avenues.

31. Jet Ski Rental

Jet skiing is a popular water sport. If you live in an area with potential for water activities, consider starting a jet ski rental business.

32. Kayak Rental

Launching a kayak and canoe rental business is a good idea if your area is suitable for water activities.

33. Lawn Care

Offer lawn care services during the summer to earn extra income. People look for this kind of service in the summer, making it an ideal time to start.

34. Lemonade Stand

Setting up a lemonade stand is a simple and cost-effective summer venture, perfect for people looking to start a business with minimal investment.

35. Mobile Car Wash

An auto wash on wheels is a great business idea for those interested in the car care industry. With a few tools, you can start your own business, provided you’ve assessed the demand in your area.

36. Nail Art Shop

Starting a nail art salon can be a profitable venture with the right skills, a suitable location, and proper marketing.

37. Paper Jewelry Making

Craft beautiful jewelry using various types of paper and basic hand tools. This business can be done from home in short time periods.

38. Photography

The summer season sees an increase in water-related activities, making photography a popular choice. Create a photography business, catering to both commercial and domestic clients.

39. Pool Maintenance

Pools require regular cleaning and maintenance during the summer. You can start a pool maintenance business with minimal startup capital and effective marketing.

40. Pottery

Pottery as a business requires careful planning and marketing. You can start small, but research and business planning are essential.

41. Shoe Laundry

Shoe laundry services offer cleaning, repair, and delivery of shoes to customers’ doorsteps. You can offer a range of services to attract customers.

42. Smoothie Stand

Starting a smoothie stand with a small investment is a great summer business idea. You can even consider franchising a well-known brand for higher profits.

43. Summer Camp

If you enjoy working with children, consider starting a summer camp. Promote your camp within the community to attract participants.

44. Summer Tutoring

Starting a summer tutoring business at home requires minimal investment. It’s a straightforward business that can be run by women, students, and housewives.

45. Swimming Coach

With swimming being a popular summer sport, consider becoming a swimming coach if you have the skills and knowledge.

46. Tour Guide

The summer months are perfect for tourism and travel businesses. Becoming a tour guide is a low-investment business idea.

47. Umbrella Making

The demand for high-quality, vibrant umbrellas is high during the summer. You can start assembling umbrellas with the right tools.

48. Food Truck

Opening a food truck in the summer, especially in areas with frequent festivals, can yield better profits.

49. Watermelon Farming

Watermelon season is during the summer. If you have a backyard or farmland, consider growing watermelons for profit.

50. Worm Farming

Worm farming is an ideal summer venture for animal lovers. With minimal capital investment, you can keep worms in pits or pots.

This list of summer business ideas aims to help you fulfill your entrepreneurial aspirations during the sunny months.


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