Cleaning Service Business Plan: How to start a cleaning service business in India


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Hello dear reader, if you are looking for information regarding how can you build a proper cleaning service business plan in India to start your own cleaning services, you are at the right destination. Keep reading further to know more about this startup business idea. 

If you are a person with the passion to clean stuff, you can consider a cleaning service business. During the time of pandemic, everyone realized the importance of cleanliness more than ever. Health and sanitation has become our top concern.

You must have heard that many companies need help to clean their properties. This has led to a huge demand for both home and industrial cleaning. Services like cleaning, fumigation, pest control, vacuuming, etc are all parts of the cleaning business.

There are plenty of people out there who like to see clean surroundings, but do not want to do much hard work for that. In such cases, your job comes in handy.

If you want to start your own cleaning business, let us tell you that it is not going to be much tricky. An entrepreneur does not need to spend a lot of money on it either. You can do this job full-time or part-time depending on your time schedule.

In this following article, our team will lay several points before you through which you can make your own cleaning service business plan.

Without any further ado, let us get started!

cleaning service business
Cleaning Service Business Plan: How to start a cleaning service business in India 2

Start writing with your cleaning service business plan

If you think without a proper business plan, any business can run smoothly, you are entirely wrong.

A business plan is like a blueprint that have your business goals for the short and long-term both. If you are passionate about this job profile, start writing your business plan before you take any action first.

Your cleaning service business plan will have details like what type of cleaning service you intend to offer, and what are your target clients or homes. It will also have the different cleaning packages and the prices for your clients.

Decide for yourself whether you will be catering to commercial or residential spaces. This decision is important as it will impact a lot of things, such as the type of equipment you are going to buy or what is going to be your marketing plan in future.

Make sure to do your market research thoroughly, as it will answer a lot of your questions regarding the clients, such as what kind of equipment you will be needing.

It is important that you keep on brushing up your cleaning skills. If you are lacking the experience, make sure to educate yourself about the different cleaning methods available out there.

In the light of the recent pandemic, you should be careful no to cross-contaminate different client’s homes as it can tarnish your brand name.

Enhance your niche skill in cleaning service business plan

Different types of niche will require different skill sets and mind-frame. If you are really into this job, it is important that you find out your own niche.

For example, your niche could be first res-ponders like doctors or nurses who have to invest long hours at their job.

Select a awesome, catchy and memorable  cleaning service business name

This step is very important, so pay proper attention while you think about what should be your business name. It will add more credibility to your business name.

For example, if you want to work in Noida, you can try out a name such a Noida’s Cleaners. After, you have finalized a name that you are satisfied with, it is time to register it so that it does not taken by anyone else. get the necessary trademarks and copyrights for benefits of long run.

Your next step will be to register a domain name for your website. This will later help you in social media marketing.

Get the appropriate license or permit for your cleaning service business include it in your business plan

It is now time for you to register your business with the appropriate government authorities get the suitable license if you want to run your business without any obstacles in the future.

Get the suitable insurance for your jobs and third party clients 

It is always a good idea to get the relevant insurance for your company, as it will help you cover any damages that you might face in the future while cleaning your client’s house.

Financing scheme for cleaning service business

If you are lacking the money to start your business, you can still apply for a loan. there are various government sachems and bank schemes who can provide you startup money to start your business. for taking a loan and finance from bank your need to write or prepares a bankable project reports where you need to put all investment, profit and margin ration and other financial calculation etc.

Do remember that in the initial phase, everything that you earn has to be put back into your business, but do not worry, this will not be a case for longer period of time.

Devise a marketing strategy cleaning service business

Marketing means differentiating your service from others. You have to engage your customers if you want to promote your business properly.

You can set up your social media sites and give relevant tips to people on how can they clean their house. You can also make short videos to show your clients how they can be tidy.

Start with building your brand. You will have to print business cards as well. T-shirts with your business logo on it, and uniforms for your workers will work in your favor. It is always good to look professional. You can also focus on B2B platforms like the hospitality sector.

It will be a plus point if your website will facilitate online booking. If you are targeting a specific neighborhood, you can get the home-owners association’s permission to give fliers to people.

Purchase suitable equipment for cleaning service business

You should make sure to buy eco-friendly cleaning service equipment.

Start with basic equipment, such as a duct cleaning and disinfecting equipment, hand-soaps, brooms, mops, buckets, rags, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Hire skilled and experienced cleaners for cleaning service business

If you want to maintain cleanliness at a facility, the supervisor has to be physically present all the time.

The quality of cleanliness will mainly depend upon a huge deal on your cleaner’s perception of cleanliness.

If there will be any kind of deficiency in your services, and they will not be identified on time, it will surely lead to dirty facilities and unhappy clients.

All the above cases are evident that you need to hire a dedicated and experienced staff.

You will have to maintain a paper-based tracking system of the cleaner’s activities, and ensure that the cleaning is done on a periodic basis.

Provide relevant customer services

If you are serious about your cleaning service business, you have to provide your services at competitive rates and give your customers flexibility in terms of payment.

Also, you have to be ready to provide any kind of support that your client might asks from you during the working hours. You have to make sure that your clients should feel special and get their money’s worth.

Manage your cleaning service business day to day operations

Your service might include the following points if you specifically target commercial spaces like office buildings: 

  1. Disinfecting and fumigating services (in the current Covid-19 scenario).
  2. Emptying trash cans.
  3. Floor Waxing.
  4. Cleaning doors and windows.
  5. Washing floors.
  6. Cleaning the kitchen area.
  7. Cleaning washrooms.
  8. Pumping septic tanks.

The commercial cleaning services get steady work and the business is quite lucrative as you can offer add-on services as well.

Also, there is more competition in this line of work if you compare it with residential cleaning. Although the working hours may be odd.

Your consumer cleaning service will include the following points which are given below: 

  1. Carpet cleaning.
  2. Window cleaning.
  3. Maid services.
  4. Janitorial services.

Please note that the residential cleaning will require less investment to start.

We all know that the home-cleaning robots have gained popularity during the pandemic, and this is an innovative cleaning business strategy.

As most homes require cleaning once a week, you will have to acquire a number of clients to sustain your livelihood.

Know the Cleaning technology & Use It for Day to Management

Our suggestion is that you should go for data analytics and predictive algorithms.

You should compute cleaning and usage requirements and then send detailed work instructions to your cleaners.

The above mentioned tools are based on the Internet, and they can easily provide you with real time information like status of soap dispensers, paper towels, etc.

You can also go for smart integration of AI that can increase your business’s productivity and help your workers for the long run.

This was all in cleaning service business plan in India for now. I hope you found our content useful. If you liked our content, make sure to comment down below and share this article with your fellows.

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