Startup Incubators in Bangalore, India.

Startup Incubators in India

Bangalore is chosen above all places in India for startups as it’s now the startup capital of India. The question arises that why only Bangalore is chosen as an incubating city for startups? It is because there are few advantages over other cities in Bangalore like rent cost is low as compared to other big … Read more

10 Tips to find funding for a startup

10 Tips to find funding for a startup One question that frequently arises among budding entrepreneurs is that from where one can could get funding for their startup. But the thing is that there is no perfect answer to it even if you have the most workable or brilliant business idea. And having said that … Read more

Startup India: Key highlights of PM Modi’s action plan

“While addressing the first conference of start-up entrepreneurs, Modi announced an action plan to boost ventures for entrepreneurs who have ideas and are seeking support. He emphasized that it will also generate employment and wealth.” Here are the top highlights & takeaways from Modi’s speech. Compliance regime based on self certification: The primary objective of … Read more

11 Things To Know Before Starting A Business

Starting your business, check out things to know before you head on. The fact is that many startup die in the first three years and some of them die by the wayside in the first six months. It is not because their idea was not good enough but there were things that were not considered … Read more