10 New Businesses Ideas for Indian market for Budding Startup


10 New Businesses Ideas for Indian market for Budding Startup

Well, many people want to start a business but afraid of investing too much money into it thus wants to start at a very low cost. So here are few business ideas which could be started with a little investment to avoid risk.

1)Starting a recruitment firm: Starting your own recruitment firm is really a good business idea. To start with you could set up from home or can also start from a small rented office.

Scope of market: Initially building up with few contacts to start with you could slowly build up contacts and expand your services. You earn through charging commission form both party sides.

2)Wedding Planning & Catering: For those who are good at management and have a niche to organize parties and events, then wedding planning and catering business is for you. You require a small team to start the business, but it requires quite a touch of both the creativity and management as for many people wedding is a lifetime event.

Scope of Market: Once you are into the business and developed skills than you could develop a profitable business with name.

3)Starting home tuitions or coaching class: If you have a good education background and know how to teach then starting home tuitions or a coaching class from a rented place could be a great idea for you.

Scope of Market: Almost each household in India have children and they require some outside help to teach their children after school, as almost every parent is busy. So there is no shortage of children who require coaching or tuitions after school.

4) Starting a tour and travel planner: This business requires knowledge about various holiday locations and contacts with hotels, agents and other travel planners.

Scope of market: The scope of this business is huge cause traveling with family at locations during holidays and even business travels are round the year which provides an opportunity to start the tour and travel business. But once you are in it then there is no looking back. Investment is also low as you do all your business through phone and internet. You could even link up with many online agencies.

5)Custom make gift store : Custom make gift store is a niche idea as now days there is a trend for customized gifts for all occasions from festivals to personal occasions and custom make gifts is a fantastic idea because traditional gifting ideas are now outdated.

Scope of market: This market still needs to be explored by many so there is still opportunity as there are not many customized gift stores available.

6)Wedding photographers: You need a digital camera and a little technical knowledge about photography and there you go on photography business. This business is all year round as there are wedding functions, birthday parties and many other party functions which require photography to capture the moments.

Scope of market: This is also a skilled area and more creative and innovative you become with your skills the more customers you attract. Now days there are many wedding photographers who are considered the master of their art.

7)Skilled labor contractors and providers: All Indian households require plumbers, electricians, painters and carpenters etc. You could gather a pool of such skilled people in your area and advertise for providing services along with skills. This business idea requires a cell phone and you don’t even need to have a office. You earn through commissions and also though purchase.

Scope of Market: The market scope is average but building your reputation will certainly widen the service users.

8)Dog walkers: This business idea is new to India but is quite popular in foreign countries where there are people who provide their services to walk the dogs of people. In some big cities in India like Delhi and Mumbai have dog walkers. You could do it yourself or you could hire people and manage the business all you need to do is take the dog for walking from dog owners and charge on hourly basis.

Scope of market: This is a new idea so there is opportunity and scope.

9)Mushroom cultivation from home: Another one of the business idea is growing mushroom in your home. This business idea initially requires an empty room and there you go on your way to start the business. Mushrooms are considered a delicacy among vegetarians and non vegetarians equally and have wide market for the product.

Scope of Market: there is no shortage of mushroom buyers in India but you require a short training to develop some technical skill. For further information on training and mushroom cultivation you could further read ().

10)Baby sitting and day care: This business idea is best for women especially as baby caring comes naturally to them. This could be started as home visits and you could charge on hourly basis or you could start from your home itself.

Scope of Market: The market has opportunities because there are no short of busy families who require baby sitters or day cares centers to care for their babies in their busy schedules. 



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