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Mushroom Cultivation as small business idea!

If you inspire to develop a small business with a little investment then

Small business idea mushroom cultivation at home
Small business idea mushroom cultivation at home

mushroom cultivation would be best for you. All you need some technical knowledge about mushroom cultivation which you can gain from the government training programs, check out this website for mushroom cultivation training which is done by the government ( And there you go on the path of developing yourself a small business of mushroom cultivation. Mushroom is equally preferred by the vegetarians and non vegetarians as well and considered a delicacy in India. It is rich in protein, fiber, and amino acids. Mushroom is a 100 per cent vegetarian food. Pickles, pappad, soup powder, health powder, capsule, health drinks and pakodas can be made using mushroom.

The best part of this business is that you can grow a wide variety of mushrooms depending on the season and that too indoors. Yes mushroom cultivation could be done inside a room and it requires less space but yet it should be manageable for compost and cultivation, so you don’t have to have a farmers land. There are few equipments require for cultivation of mushroom to manage temperature, the cultivation takes about 5 to 6 weeks for the harvest and it is ready for the sale in the market. India being a tropical country, fresh marketing is at a premium, except for a brief winter period. The retail price of fresh mushrooms in Indian ranges from Rs. 50/- to Rs. 100/- per Kg depending on the season. Prices of mushrooms in the marriage season go as high as Rs. 150/-. The market has huge consumption of mushrooms so you’ll be never short of buyers from local vegetable market, hotels, small restaurants, grocery malls and eateries will all be buying your mushroom. You could even start selling your mushrooms from your neighborhood.

Once you develop skills and learn about the market you may well choose to cultivate highbred variety of mushrooms which sells at a higher price for export. If by starting small business you want to take it to higher level then there is a huge export market in the world which you would like to explore. As for starting any business the one thumb rule is to do a little research all by yourself and check the market and also your inclination towards the idea.

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