Modern Beekeeping begins with rearing of bee colonies in the standardized BIS Standard bee boxes. There are three types of BIS bee boxes namely BIS ‘A’ type, BIS ‘B’ type and BIS ‘C’ type. These boxes contains Brood chamber, Super/honey Chamber, etc. These boxes can be migrated from one place to another for honey flow, Pollination, etc.

1Name of the Product                                               :   Bee boxes 
  2  Project Cost                                                             :
 a- Capital Expenditure
  Land                                                                       :   Own Building Shed 200 Sq .ft                                         :   Rs.    50000.00
 Equipment                                                           :   Rs. (Carpentary tools like, wood cutter, machine, etc.)100000.00
   Total Capital Expenditure                                           Rs.  150000.00
   b- Working Capital                                                         Rs.  59000.00
   TOTAL PROJECT COST                                     :   Rs.  209000.00

3-Estimated Annual Production of Bee boxes  :    (Value in ‘000)

Sr.No.ParticularsCapacityRateTotal Value
  1  Bee Boxes  714.00  500.00  357.00
4 Raw Material                                                           : Rs.300000.00
  5  Lables and Packing Material                               :  Rs. 0.00
  6  Wages (Skilled & Unskilled)                                   :  Rs.12000.00
7Salaries                                                                     :Rs.14500.00
8Administrative Expenses                                       :Rs.500.00
9Overheads                                                                :Rs.500.00
10Miscellaneous Expenses                                        :Rs.1000.00
11Depreciation                                                             :Rs.12500.00
12Insurance                                                                  :Rs.1500.00
13Interest (As per the PLR) a.     C.E.LoanRs.19500.00
 b.      W.C.LoanRs.7670.00
 Total InterestRs.27170.00
14Working Capital Requirement                                : Fixed CostRs.37000.00
 Variable CostRs.320170.00
 Requirement of WC per CycleRs.59528.00
15Estimated Cost Analysis  
Sr.NoParticulars Capacity Utilization(Rs in ‘000)
1Fixed Cost37.0022.2025.9029.60
2Variable Cost320.00192.00224.00256.00
3Cost of Production357.00249.90249.90285.60
4Projected Sales500.00300.00350.00400.00
5Gross Surplus143.0085.80100.10114.40
6Expected Net Surplus131.0078.6091.70104.80

Note :

1. All figures mentioned above are only indicative and may vary from place to place.

2. If the investment on Building is replaced by Rental Premises

a. Total Cost of Project will be reduced.

b. Profitability will be increased.

c. Interest on C.E.will be reduced.

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