16 Unique Business Ideas in Mumbai to Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

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When it comes to unique business ideas in Mumbai, the city’s vibrant and diverse landscape becomes a breeding ground for entrepreneurial innovation. Mumbai, a bustling metropolis renowned for its bustling markets and entrepreneurial spirit, presents a plethora of opportunities for those seeking to break new ground.

From unconventional food ventures that fuse international flavors with local traditions to cutting-edge tech-driven solutions addressing urban challenges, the city offers an ideal environment for entrepreneurs to explore untapped business territories.

Unique Business Ideas in Mumbai


With its multicultural communities, thriving arts and entertainment scene, and growing emphasis on sustainability, Mumbai provides an abundance of possibilities for individuals looking to establish their distinctive mark in the business world.

Start with small and smart business ideas if you want to launch a new business this year. If your soul desires a unique business, which can make a lasting impression and grow into a successful brand in time, it’s time to get started.

When you’re looking for unique business ideas in Mumbai, this blog post provides a dozen creative recommendations to spur your entrepreneurial exploration. Through investigating these thoughts, you can acquire useful knowledge. One can additionally start in the process of generating ideas to generate creative concepts. Those concepts act as a launching pad for initiating your personal business ideas. These provide a possibility to supplement and improve your earnings sources. By being cautious organizing and tactical execution, these 12 business ideas concepts can lead the path for a prosperous business in the fast-paced surroundings of the vibrant city of Mumbai.

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12 Unique Business Ideas in Mumbai to Start in This Year

Seeking a unique business idea to try, we have a few unique business ideas that you can try this year with proper planning and dedication.

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Open your Olive Oil Store 

Opening your own olive-oil store is one of the best business ideas you can try.

You can start an olive oil shop if you love specialty foods, and have retail experience.

You must be able to talk to customers with some level of knowledge about olive oil if you plan to start this type of business.

If you are interested in this business, you can benefit from having experience with cooking and teaching.

Cooking classes and workshops can increase your fan following, target audience base, their interest and improve your profit.

If you’re serious about your business, then you will need to invest a good money. This is mainly in the renting and buying a shop or space where customers are most likely to walk and see the products and do shopping.

Profits of 10-15% can be made on workshops and sales.

2 Start your sea salt business
Start your sea salt business

Start your Sea Salt Business   

If you are self-motivated and enjoy working with your hands, as well as having access to saltwater, then this is a business that may be of interest to you.

Owners of sea salt businesses will need some expertise in order to identify the best locations to buy the salt. They also must have a basic understanding of tides, currents, and sea level.

The good news for you is that your startup costs are very low if you’ve already decided on a supplier for sea salt.

This business can be started with just a few buckets or jars. You will also need a food-processor and some way to evaporate the collected seawater.

A sea salt business is profitable because of the low cost and virtually limitless supply of raw materials.

3 People crossing monkey bars on Challenge Course
People crossing monkey bars on Challenge Course in corporate training session

You can start your own Challenge Course

This unique business opportunity is for people who have experience as salespeople, marketers or in the military, police, summer camps or corporate training and are interested in outdoor activities.

The costs of launching an high-ropes, zip-line, obstacle course or any other adventure activity can be substantial. They may include qualified staff & trainer, sufficient land, equipment’s insurance etc.

Even small businesses that offer challenge courses can be profitable with the help of a good plan. Larger businesses are also able to make many millions each year.


Mobile Game Truck Business; If You are you a Gamer?

You can start a business if you enjoy video games, and you like to interact with kids.

Any job requires a willingness to work hard and relevant skills in business management.

The mobile nature of the business eliminates the need to rent a fixed space. However, outfitting a truck or trailer can be expensive.

The gaming industry is a growing one, and any business that is related to it has a high growth potential.

Low overhead costs will allow you to make a lot of money once you have established your company.

There is an excellent potential for profit in this business if you can book steady sales.

5 Work remotely as a Virtual Assistant for other Businesses
Work remotely as a Virtual Assistant for other Businesses

Work remotely as a Virtual Assistant for other Businesses

Are you still on the lookout for new business ideas? As a virtual assistant, you can help other companies from a distance.

In short, virtual assistants are contract workers who provide services ranging from content marketing, to planning vacations, to managing personal schedules. Virtual assistants can be hired as part-time workers or full-time employees.

As the demand for Remote Workers increases, many companies are focusing on online operations.

Virtual assistants can be hired by businesses anywhere on the planet.

6 Social Media Influencer
Social Media Influencer

Work as a Social Media Influencer

Working as a social-media influencer is one of the best business ideas you can try. Everyone is on social media today, and this could be the reason why Influencer Marketing is increasing every day.

Influencers are important for all businesses, regardless of the products they sell.

Social media influencers are people who specialize in increasing their following on social media.

Influencers are viewed as having a lot of authority by their audiences, and so they tend to be taken seriously when working with brands.

Influencers are used by many brands to market their products. For businesses who sell niche products, this is even more crucial.

You can sell your products to your audience and create new revenue streams

7 grocery delivery. courier wearing helmet and jacket uniform holding food isolated over white background
Local Grocery Delivery Service

You can start a Local Grocery Delivery Service

If you are not yet ready to launch a particular company then try another of these unique business ideas.

Not everyone can shop with you. Shoppers can order groceries online and receive them at their doorstep.

While online shopping can be done from anywhere in the world, it is often necessary to deliver groceries locally, as items such as fresh fruits and vegetables or meats may spoil during shipping.

Many communities around the globe have the capacity to develop a niche business of grocery delivery.

A delivery service XYZ can, for example, deliver fresh vegetables, baked products, and canned goods of all types to any area they choose.

8 Provide Freelancing Bookkeeping Services
Provide Freelancing Bookkeeping Services

You can Provide Freelancing Bookkeeping Services

Freelancing Bookkeeping Services is a unique idea to implement this year.

Small business owners, in particular, are in great demand for freelance accounting services.

Startup costs are high, and a solid foundation for your business is essential.

Virtual assisting makes bookkeeping a good home-based business, especially for people who like to be active. Bookkeepers should be detail-oriented and organized. They must also be able to multitask, as they will likely be dealing with several clients.

9 Write My Own Book Author-pruner

You can become an Author-pruner

Many writers dream of being a published author one day, but the idea of having to spend months negotiating with the big companies over the creative direction of their work can be quite motivating.

No matter if your genre is romance, science fiction, or guides on how to build birdhouses, it is never easier for authors to self-publish and market their own books directly to the audience.

Author-preneurship is what it sounds like, which is authors who not only write their own books, but also sell them, cutting out middleman publishing companies and engaging directly with their fans.

Author-preneurs can take a full ownership over the promotion of their own work, often using social media marketing to build a de Author-preneurship.

With a number of print-on-demand book options, authors are able to have high-quality copies of their own books printed and shipped at the point of sale, which means there will be no money to hold boxes of unsold stock in your garage.

There are a lot of successful writers that have emerged from the past decade and have been a self-published author-preneurs. Rupi Kaur is a well known author you can follow to know more.

10 life coach business ideas
life coach business ideas

You can Work as a Life Coach

It is also a unique way to make money this year. If you are good at building relationships, then it is the ideal full-time career for you.

Coaches can help clients with many different challenges. They may be specialized in fields like career, relationships or conflict resolution.

It is a rewarding online business because life coaching makes a big difference to your client’s lives.

The services are usually focused on helping clients identify their goals, assess obstacles that may prevent them from achieving these goals and develop a strategy to overcome those obstacles.

Take, for example, life coaches from gay man thriving, who are specialists in working with homosexual men and helping them overcome their fears of rejection.

11 Chicken Diaper business idea
Image Credit Amazon https://amzn.eu/d/6RqnjIU

Open your Chicken Diaper Business

With some knowledge, you can also start a chicken diaper business.

People who know how to raise chickens, backyard poultry farming and are creative will be able to run this type of business.

The business has grown out of the rise in urban poultry raising. Therefore, enthusiasm is key to attracting customers.

The chicken industry has been growing as people from all over the nation have shown a great interest in the raising of chickens.

It can be hard to earn more than just a little extra income from this type of business, even with a low-cost startup.

12 Legal mediation professional mediation
Professional Mediation

You can open a Professional Meditation Business

One of the unique ideas for a business is to open a meditation studio.

If you enjoy helping others and have practiced meditation for a while, you may find it beneficial to open a business. You will be able to attract more clients if you have experience with various styles of meditation.

Everyone is searching for ways to relax and slow down. Meditation is part of the recreational therapy sector, which is expected to grow at a high rate over the coming years. This is an industry that is growing and is worth joining.

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Go for a Hot Tub Garden

A hot tub garden is another unique idea to consider. You must believe in the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of hot tubs, as well as possess strong marketing skills, if you plan to do so.

You can use basic mechanical knowledge to fix any problems with your tubs and to clean them.

The concept of hot tub gardens allows customers to use a spa in their own private area, and pay by the hour.

You will have to invest tens or even hundreds of thousands in order to get started. A hot tub business that is profitable can bring in six-figures of income every year.

14 Aroma Therapy
Aroma Therapy

Open a Aromatherapy Business

This year, aromatherapy can be a unique and profitable business. Aromatherapy can be a great job for those who are interested in helping others using homeopathic techniques, have an enhanced sense of smell, and possess discipline.

People who want to find natural solutions to common issues like insomnia or stress will turn to aromatherapy companies.

In recent years these therapies have grown in popularity, which has allowed the industry to grow.

Startup costs are manageable, particularly if you don’t plan to rent out a shopfront. And the earnings potential is as solid as rock.

Your income can range from $30,000 up to $100,000 depending on what you do.

Glamping tent

One of the most unique ideas for a business to consider is starting a glamping operation. Anyone with a hospitality background and a piece of land that is attractive can start a glamping business.

Glamping is a combination of the words “glamorous”, “camping” and “travel.” It has become a trend in travel and outdoor activities. Glamping is a comfortable and luxurious alternative to traditional camping.

Imagine cozy tents with en suite bathrooms, plush beds and electricity in scenic locations. Glamping locations often offer unique amenities like gourmet dining, outdoor activities, spa services and other modern comforts. Glamping is a blend of luxury and adventure that has captured the hearts of adventurers and those looking for a unique experience in nature.

People who want to experience camping without going to a conventional campsite may find Glamping appealing.

Glamping tents are expensive and can run into the tens or even hundreds of thousands.

The glamping business will be ideal for individuals with large pieces of land, such as a hunting grounds, coastal properties, farms house , etc.

Maintenance costs are low and can range from 50000 up to 3,0000.

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Open a Pet Bakery

A Pet Bakery is one of the uniqueest business ideas you can try. You can start this business if you have experience in veterinary medicine and are interested in pet nutrition.

Pet bakeries offer pet food that is made with natural ingredients and high quality.

Startup costs vary by business size, model and even location. However, selling online or using the kitchen in your own home can help keep them low.

This business has a high earning potential depending on how hard you work and at what pace you progress.

This is our list of Unique Business Ideas in Mumbai for 2023 that you can try out in 2024-2025 also as per your preparedness to start your business. 

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