Automatic Curtain Opener Project Report, Bank Loan Small Scale Unit PDF

Automatic curtain opener

Automatic Curtain Opener is vast in demand in the market at present time in metro and in tier two cities also this automatic curtain opener is being used at modern theaters in school colleges, auditorium, conference hall and as well as presentation rooms. With the widespread penetration of digital presentation technology and use of presentation hardware and projectors in conference halls this is an integral part of conference rooms.

This project profile envisages the production unit of Automatic Curtain Opener by setting up of unit in a small scale sector.

The Automatic curtain Opener are used for opening and closing of the stage of any good theatre, auditorium conference hall etc. The mechanism should automatically open and close the curtain depending on the situation of the function being performed on the stage. The mechanism consist of single phase induction motor drive a forward-reserve starter and two limit switches.

The motor when actuated y the push buttons and contractor may rotate in either direction depending upon the direction of current flowing through its main winding. The motor once when required to stop required limit switches. In the Automatic Curtain Opener the motors runs in both the direction for opening and closing hence two numbers of limit switches is required to control automatic curtain opener

Name of the Product :  Automatic Curtain Opener

  1. Name of the Product :        Automatic Curtain Opener

2.   Project Cost     :                                                     Rs.

A           Capital Expenditure  
Land                                                       Own

Workshed in sq.ft      on rent             900         Rs.      180,000.00

Equipment                                                                      265,300.00

Total Capital Expenditure                                          445,300.00

B         Working Capital                                                300,000.00

TOTAL PROJECT COST :                                               745,300.00

  • Estimated Annual Production Capacity:                                (Rs. In 000)
ParticularsCapacity in QuintalRateTotal Value
Curtain Opener1200.0016001920

4Raw Material                                             Rs.1,055,000.00
5Labels and Packing MaterialRs.10,000.00
6Wages (3-Skilled & 3- Unskilled)Rs.432,000.00
7Salaries  (MANAGER-1)Rs.120,000.00
 8Administrative ExpensesRs.45,000.00
 10Miscellaneous Expenses 12,000.00
 11Depreciation 35,530.00  
 12Insurance 4,453.00  
 13Interest (As per the PLR)    
 14a. C.E.Loan 57,889.00  
 15b. W.C.Loan 39,000.00  
 16Total Interest 96,889.00  
 17Working Capital Requirement                  : Fixed Cost 239,342.00  
 18Variable Cost 1,596,000.00  
 19Requirement of WC per Cycle 305,890.00  

            Cost Analysis

Sr.No.ParticularsCapacity Utilization(Rs in ‘000)
1Fixed Cost239.34143.61167.54191.47
2Variable Cost1596.00957.601117.201276.80
3Cost of Production1835.341101.211284.741308.67
4Projected Sales2200.001320.001540.001760.00
5Gross Surplus364.66218.79255.26291.73
6Expected Net Surplus329.00183.00220.00256.00


1.             All figures mentioned above are only indicative

2.            If the investment on Building is replaced by Renta then

a.            Total Cost of Project will  be reduced.

b.            Profitability will be increased.

c.            Interest on C.E.will be r reduced.


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