From Household Repairs to a Full-Fledged Business: How to get started as a Handyman


Hello reader, are you also on the lookout to start a new business because you are bored of your old job and now want to do something else? Look no more, this article is for you!

In this following article we will talk about how you can start a handyman small business from scratch with no initial knowledge whatsoever. There are millions of people out there, just like you like you in this big sea of uncertainties, so dive in to read further.

Handyman Small Business Ideas

There are endless job opportunities if you want to work as a Handyman. Given below is a short list consisting various handyman small business ideas from which you can choose the particular handyman job you are interested in.

  1. Start a construction company
  2. Start a crime scene cleanup business
  3. Start a moving company
  4. Start a furniture business
  5. Start a chimney repair business
  6. Start an ac repair business
  7. Start an appliance repair business
  8. Become a window manufacturer
  9. Start an antique furniture refurbishing business
  10. Start a storage locker business
  11. Start a bathroom appliance business
  12. Start a construction company
  13. Start an aviation cleaning service
  14. Start a drone repair business
  15. Start a home repair business
  16. Become an attic room organizer
  17. Start a bathtub reglazing business
  18. Start a blind cleaning service
  19. Start a boat cleaning service
  20. Start a bookbinding and repair service
  21. Start a cabinet making business
  22. Become a carpenter
  23. Start a carpet cleaning service
  24. Start a carpet installation business
  25. Start a CCTV camera business
  26. Start a tile business
  27. Start a concrete cutting service
  28. Start a construction cleanup business
  29. Start a dog house business
  30. Start a drain repair service
  31. Start a fence installation business
  32. Start a fireplace installation business
  33. Start a garage organizer business
  34. Start a glass tinting service
  35. Start a glass installation service
  36. Start a home theater business
  37. Start a painting business
  38. Start a floor installation business
  39. Become an auto locksmith
  40. Become a locksmith
  41. Start a mirror installation business
  42. Start a mobile auto detailing service
  43. Start a mobile oil change business
  44. Start an odor control service
  45. Start a pest control business
  46. Start a product assembly service
  47. Start a roof repair business
  48. Start a sprinkler installation business
  49. Start a windshield repair business
  50. Start a window cleaning business

Step 1. Know Your Skill before proceeding with your Handyman small Business Idea

Before thinking of handyman small business ideas you have to know your particular skill.

You possibly cannot know each and every aspect about everything, so it is better to know what you are good at and then start getting better at it day by day.

Choose the right kind of services that you can easily provide. Think about the other handyman-like service businesses out there, such as garage door repair companies, lawn care companies, locksmiths, home security installers, masons, and many more.

A list is given below for you to choose from:

  • Installation of Machinery
  • Power washing houses
  • Changing door handles and locks
  • Mowing and trimming the lawn
  • Light electrical work
  • Light plumbing work
  • Painting & White Wash
  • Light home improvement work
  • Toilet installation and repair
  • Wall mounting TVs

What we are suggesting is that you should select any type of handyman work according to your particular skill before continuing on with the next step.  

Step 2. Know the Handyman Laws carefully in Particular Area

The next step is to know the handyman laws in your State.

Before getting too excited to continue with the next step, it is essential to read the contracting laws in your state. You should decide what handyman business you can do under specific laws in your area.

You can easily get a pretty good idea of the laws in your state by going to your state’s contractors’ board website.

Step 3. Choose the Right Opportunity and Market Segment

You need to understand the opportunities available in the market for you, i.e. the number of population in the city, number of people already providing handymen services in your skill area, if there is any gap in the service provision.

Choosing the right customer base is yet another factor you have to keep in mind. Never lower your standards to fit the job description. Make sure to design your brand and help specific people with specific helping needs. In your lifetime, you will meet various kinds of customers and it is important to know what kind of them do you want to entertain in the future.

What our team is suggesting that targeting the right customer base is very important for any kind of business in the long run. 

Step 4. Choose the correct Pricing 

Choose your pricing according to the working hours. Any job can be quite profitable if handled in the right way.

As with any business, having a good grasp on the financial side of things is essential, especially when setting your handyman rates and deciding how much you should charge for your work is other type of tea. You have to consider things like your experience level, efficiency of work, ability to sell, reputation, and professionalism. Along with that, you also need to understand what you must charge to actually turn a profit.

It is our suggestion that you have to get out of self doubt and decide for yourself your particular skill and how you are going to utilize it to get the maximum income out of your job. 

Step 5. Develop the Correct Marketing Strategy

The last step is to develop a proper marketing strategy, so that you can get ideal clients and then properly convince them to hire you for the job.

How you will reach your customers is also very important, so it is now time to make a proper marketing plan for your business.

The good news is that the handyman business is growing and will keep growing in the near future. The bad thing is there are plenty of handymen out there, so it is essential to provide proper quality to your work and understand your job profile to provide right kind of services to your customers.

Our team suggests you to have the right kind of marketing strategy. It will not only help you to promote your business, but it will also provide you enjoyment in the long run.

So if you are looking forward to start your own handyman business, then why are you still sitting down? Go for it!

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