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Bakery Project Report for Bank Loan,Bakery Business Plan,Project Plan

Bakery Project Report for Bank Loan

Bakery Project Plan 2019 is starting with the fact that the bakery products are used in India in almost every household and even almost there are plenty of bakery product manufacturers already in the market but still the market is short of suppliers and could absorb more even if new manufacturers comes into play. Bakery industry in India is the largest of the food industries with an annual turnover of about Rs.3000 crores. India is the second largest producer of biscuits after USA. The biscuit industry in India comprises of organized and unorganized sectors. Bread and Biscuits form the major baked food accounting for over 80% of total bakery products produced in the country. The quantities of bread and biscuits produced are more up the ues to be in the unorganized sector contributing over 70% of the total production. Bakery products once considered as stick man’s diet have now become essential food items of the vast majority of population. This project report focus on the setting  up Bakery products unit in urban and semi urban area with help of various government entrepreneurship schemes and financial  institution, this is a sample project report on bakery products unit you can further modify this in as per your requirement of bakery Project Report or Bakery Project Report for Bank Loan purposes, we have also included the a details Bakery Project Plan 2019 template. you want to download this report in word and pdf format you will find a link at the end of this project plan.

Bakery Oven

Process of Manufacture:.The main product of the unit wafer biscuits can be manufactured after obtaining raw materials like maida, starch, soda, salt, colour, preservatives, vanasapti, sugar, flavours etc. which are easily available in local markets. The calculated amount of maida, starch, vanaspati, water etc. are mixed in a mixer to form paste. The paste so formed will be poured into pre-heated mould to bake wafer sheet. The other ingredients like sugar, vanaspati, colour, essence are mixed in a planetary mixer to form cream. The cream so prepared will be applied on the sheets to form sandwich. Thereafter the sandwich will be cut into biscuits and packed in pouches.

1 Name of the Product : BAKERY PRODUCTS
2 Project Cost   :
a Capital Expenditure
Land : Own
Workshed in sq.ft 700 Rs. 140,000.00
Equipment : Rs. 1,000,000.00
Manual wafer biscuits -2, Butter Mixing machine-2 Sugar Grinding Machine -2
Total Capital Expenditure Rs. 1,140,000.00
b Working Capital Rs. 825,000.00
TOTAL PROJECT COST : Rs. 1,965,000.00
3 Estimated Annual Production Capacity: (Rs. in 000)
Sr.No. Particulars Capacity in kg. Rate Total Value
TOTAL 0.00 0.00 5700.00
4 Raw Material : Rs. 3,000,000.00
5 Labels and Packing Material : Rs. 50,000.00
6 Wages (7-Skilled & 7-Unskilled) : Rs. 1,100,000.00
7 Salaries 1- Manager Rs. 120,000.00

Bakery product manufacturing unit project proposal

PAGE ( 2 )
8 Administrative Expenses : Rs. 120,000.00
9 Overheads : Rs. 200,000.00
10 Miscellaneous Expenses : Rs. 100,000.00
11 Depreciation : Rs. 107,000.00
12 Insurance : Rs. 11,400.00
13 Interest (As per the PLR)
a. C.E.Loan : Rs. 148,200.00
b. W.C.Loan : Rs. 107,250.00
Total Interest Rs. 255,450.00
14 Working Capital Requirement :
Fixed Cost Rs. 499,600.00
Variable Cost Rs. 4,457,250.00
Requirement of WC per Cycle Rs. 826,142.00
15 Cost Analysis
Sr.No. Particulars Capacity Utilization(Rs in ‘000)
100% 60% 70% 80%
1 Fixed Cost 499.60 299.76 349.72 399.68
2 Variable Cost 4457.00 2674.20 3119.90 3565.60
3 Cost of Production 4956.60 2973.96 3469.62 3519.58
4 Projected Sales 5700.00 3420.00 3990.00 4560.00
5 Gross Surplus 743.40 446.04 520.38 594.72
6 Expected Net Surplus 636.00 339.00 413.00 488.00
Note : 1. All figures mentioned above are only indicative.

Bakery product manufacturing unit project proposal / Bakery Project Report for Bank Loan


  1. If the investment on Building is replaced by Rental then
  1. Total Cost of Project will be reduced.
  1. Profitability will be increased.
  1. Interest on C.E.will be reduced.

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